Well, it’s been about a month, but I finally took the time to organize and resize photos, so I thought I’d share them. This first photo shows me enjoying the unique shopping experiences Canada offers at the dollar store. The cool thing about this was that since the exchange rate is so beneficial for Americans at the moment, this was more like the .82 cent store. Still, .82 cents was more than I wanted to spend for this maple leaf hat. I just took a picture instead. Nothing says Canada like a hat.

Oh, by the way, I went to Canada to visit my great friend April. When I was planning the trip, I thought the 21st through the 24th sounded like plenty of time. Turns out that with traveling, it was really only 2 days. Not so long. So here we are on Day 1. April and I went shopping and then picked up some subs at a little cafe called Subway and then went to the zoo. We ate subs by the duck pond. I got mustard on my shirt.




2_baby ducks.jpg

In my Canadian Short Fiction class that I took in Austria, we talked a lot about how Canadians identify themselves through their wildlife. I could tell by going to the zoo because there were some billy goats just hanging on the rocks. They were all over the place.


They even imported some wildlife from other countries, like these camels.


April went for a little ride on the camel.


Then we went for a train ride around the zoo.



After the train dropped us off at the depot, we took a path to see the monkeys. Turns out, there was only one monkey. But the path was really lovely with overgrown vegetation and views of the river.




Later, we stopped by the cemetery where April’s ancestors are buried.


It had lots of old tombstones, like this one with sweet clasped hands.


And some of them had crumbled, but they were stacked together nicely.

15_collapsed stone.jpg

That night, we played an awesome game called Mall Madness. You have credit cards and there are sales and you try to get the best deals.


We also watched some Canadian Idol. I need to check up on that and see who else has made it. Ok, so I just checked and the guy I was rooting for is still a contestant. Go Josh Palmer!

The next morning, we went to a museum all about canoes. It had a lot of canoes hanging around. It also had lots of school children wearing the blouses worn by the voyageurs. I was jealous.


Then we went to the Trent University campus and wandered around for a while.



The university has a river that runs through the middle of it. There were some steps that led down to it where a swim class was doing lessons, but then on our way back over the path, they were gone, so we sat down and rolled up our pants and stuck our feet in the water. I think this was one of my favorite moments on the trip – a heart to heart while my feet soaked in scudsy water.

Then we explored Peterborough looking for the liftlocks. This particular liftlocks is the tallest liftlocks made of concrete in all of North America. We learned all about it in a film at the visitor center.




Then we went mini-golfing. I really like mini-golfing. I try and look at the angles and figure out the geometry of it. (A little trick I learned from the Simpsons.) April and I tied – we were both about 20 strokes (?) over par. Yeah, we’re talented.


I swear there were frogs croaking on the mini-golf course. We couldn’t figure out if there really were frogs, though, or if there was just a speaker somewhere piping out the sounds of the frogs. Here’s April listening to the frogs. And one of us enjoying being together.



On the way home that night, we stumbled across the most beautiful sunset. I made April stop the car so I could hop out and take some photos.



Of course, there was much more to the trip than just these photos. I mean, you can’t take photos of all the fun times and laughing or the nights up talking and reconnecting. I also couldn’t take photos of me going through customs and getting my passport stamped (which was kind of a fun part of the trip). And I spent a lot of time waiting in airports and listening to music and wishing that I had brought my laptop afterall. I rode the new little tram at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, which mitigated my bad memories of the old, horrible, breakdown tram they had the last time I was there. I love traveling.

Well, so that was Canada and my visit with April. Hi April! Hope you’re doing well! Love you!